25 - 27/4 Etats Généraux de l’Air (EGA)

BRAL, Cosmopolis and a large academic and civic network organise the first Etat Généraux de l’air of Brussels. A moment to combine research, open data and citizenship, all in favor of clean and therefore healthy Brussels Air.  

This first ‘Etat Géneraux” takes place from Thursday the 25th till Saturday the 27th of April. It will be a gathering for all those who strive for better air quality in our capital. There will be room for discussion and cooperation, long term visions and solutions. The scientists will host the Resistance is in the air symposium, the 25th and 26th of April. A Hackathon will continually take place from 25 till 27 and the #BXLDemandsCleanAir movement have their very own day the 27th.  

BRAL wants to invite all citizens to #BXLDemandsCleanAir on 27th of April in the Pianofabriek. Come and present your initiative(s) or get to know those of others. This day ends with a political debate. Ask your questions and prepare yourself for a well informed vote in May. Because Brussels wants to breathe.

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  • Tim Cassiers, BRAL, tim[at]bral.brussels
  • Liévin Chemin, BRAL, lievin[at]bral.brussels
  • Nicola da Schio, VUB, ndaschio[at]vub.be