Bralcafé: Trees in the city - postponed

We decided to postpone this Bralcafé. We prefer to meet one another and discuss with each other in real life. We will wait until the worst peak is over. We will communicate the new date as soon as we can.

Do we need more trees in our beloved region? If so, where? And how can we get there? You are welcome for the last Bralcafé of this year with an exploration on the theme “Treees in the city”. You will be in good company for interesting presentations and a debate with Ans Persoons, Alderwoman of Urbanism and public spaces for the City of Brussels, Simon De Munck, scientist and coordinator of the Urban Ecology center and Nicola Da Schio and Amy Philips, scientists at the VUB. 

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•   Amy Phillips and Nicola da Schio will explain the role of urban green in our cities in delivering nature based solutions and ecosystem services, but also the negative impacts they might have and for whom. In this context, they will also introduce the results of a study about what trade-offs people are willing to make to have more (or less) urban green around them.

•   Elderwoman of Urbanism and public spaces Ans Persoons is still mapping where the city of Brussels can add extra trees in two neighboorhoods. If this approach proves succesful, she wants to scale it up to the rest of the City.

•  Simon De Muynck will explain, along three projects of the Centre d’écologie urbaine and the ULB how trees can inspire us to look at and think about elements such as: resilience (ARBRES project), circularity (Sonian Wood Coop, Carbone), and environmental inequalities (INEG) in Brussels.

 This event is organised by BRAL. BRAL is an urban movement striving to make Brussels more sustainable. We want to create a healthy and environmentally friendly city where people take care of each other. From mobility to urban planning, we place the people of Brussels at the heart of our work. We inform them and put their initiatives in the spotlight. We defend our common interests with the government - from the discussion table to the streets. We are critical but constructive, a bit rebellious but always nuanced.
Our latest publication on the sustainable challenges for Brussels is available in French and Dutch A great entryway into our thinking of you aren’t familiar with us yet. 

Location: De Markten 
Date: 9 december 2021
Hour: 20u tot 21u30
Language : everyone speaks their own language. A basic knowledge of Dutch, English and French is a plus. A moderator will translate questions from the audience for the speakers.
Maximum 30 participants
There is no fee and you will receive a glass to drink.

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Gemeenschapscentrum De Markten
Oude Graanmarkt 5 Vieux Marché aux Grains
1000 Brussels