Commons in Brussels: Commons and food

How does a small metropolis like Brussels put food on the table? What commons are currently being developed in this area? Do they present a genuine alternative to the way in which the private sector produces and distributes food? Whose bellies are being filled, what are they being filled with, and who stands to profit?

A discussion evening with, among others, Olivier De Schutter (UCL), Maarten Roels (Terre en vue/BoerenBruxselPaysans), Samad Bouakka (Collectactif) and the general public.

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Commons in Brussels: 5 discussion evenings, 5 Thursdays in a row. All discussion sessions will be held at Muntpunt, starting at 19:00.

They’re popping up everywhere. Particularly in towns and cities. And especially in Brussels. Commons! An English term that refers to a group of people who collaborate on some predefined ‘common good’. That common ‘good’ could be anything: collective compost heaps, communal vegetable gardens, material banks, savings banks etc.

Commons appear to be used for more than just communal leisure activities. Indeed, commons enable citizens to take control of society. Commons consequently position themselves alongside public and private sector initiatives.

Can specific citizens' initiatives truly make a big impact?

During the 5 discussion evenings, we’ll talk to citizens' initiatives that are keen to share their experiences, experts who understand the wider context and the general public who will have the opportunity to ask critical and probing questions.Een gespreksavond met o.a. Olivier De Schutter (UCL), Maarten Roels (Terre en vue/BoerenBruxselPaysans), Samad Bouakka (Collectactif) en het publiek.

Muntpunt, Agora 0
Munt 6
1000 Brussel
Bral, Brussels Academy, Oikos, UPV, Culture & Démocratie, Masereelfonds en Muntpunt