Super Terram Dérive : a fictional restitution of urban soil

Super Terram, the project of BRAL, N514E and ULB, invites you to spend your Tuesday evening exploring Brussels soil.

The aim is to experiment with new ways of relating to the ground by restoring modes of premodern attention, helping us to tell and amplify destabilizing stories and histories about urban soils.

Super Terram proposes to organize a fictional ‘dérive,’ a semi-planned walking tour through the rarely accessed Schaerbeek Formation (SF) site, followed by an act of restitution, inspired by science-fiction (SF) techniques.

We are a group of people living in Brussels, primarily women, of highly diverse backgrounds, both in terms of the bits of knowledge we mobilize and in terms of our origins. The uncertain future of urban soils, too often reduced to an inert surface whose value exclusively depends on land transactions, unites us. Together with the people of Brussels, we want to figure out how to plan and build our cities to make room for living soil, whose thickness would accommodate the life and affections it was deprived of for so long. And so the project Super Terram was born.

This event is part of the Brussels 2030 Summer Assembly. Brussels 2030 prepares Brussels to become the cultural capital of Europe in 2030. They have built a wonderful programme. Check out the other events as well and register here:

Nadia Casabella (ULB) - NL/FR/ENG

Schaerbeek Formation
1030 Schaerbeek