EXPO: The Commons Architect.e

Visite guidée - EXPO The Commons architect.e

" Toha and Hanne found each other in Josaphat’s hidden garden. Each in their way they act out some facets of the Commons Architect.e.The Josaphat wasteland and its self-proclaimed transitional use provided the ground for these young women to bound over their shared passions:

urban activism, hands-on, human-oriented practice, social innovation

A mindul awareness on the importance of the everyday, an appreciation for Josaphat’s vast space of wild nature and urban creation, Creative expression in amongst others photography and wording."

La visite commence à  17h00 dans les bureaux de Perspective.brussels

Pour qui?
Les membres du BRAL. Voulez-vous devenir membre ? Soyez les bien venus !

Porte de Namur (Metro)
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