BRAL's three roles

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BRAL combines three roles: BRAL as a movement, BRAL as a government interlocutor and BRAL as a knowledge and innovation hub.

BRAL as a movement 

As an association of residents' groups, organisations and Brussels residents, it is important that BRAL first and foremost supports its supporters and members who advocate a sustainable Brussels. BRAL therefore supports and empowers residents. BRAL's actions and positions are also shaped and implemented in consultation and dialogue with our members and supporters. We advocate a participative policy, so we encourage as much participation as possible from our members and supporters internally. 

This requires openness and a clear presence on the ground. Only in this way can we timely detect and strengthen new dynamics and trends.

 In addition, BRAL is constantly working on a network of urban actors of all kinds, such as academics, private players, residents, study agencies, civil society organisations, etc. Together with them, too, we build a sustainable city. 

BRAL as a government interlocutor 

BRAL is officially recognised as an interlocutor with the Brussels regional government. BRAL is a member of the Regional Mobility Commission, the Regional Environment Council and the Federal Council for Sustainable Development. In these advisory committees, we invariably defend our vision. 

In addition, as experts, we also advise various government institutions in round tables, parliamentary or other working groups, guidance committees and other formally provided consultations. 

Even when consultations are not formally organised, we make ourselves heard by policymakers in various ways . The use of a mix of means is essential here. Public actions and press releases go hand in hand with participation in advisory committees, but also with personal contacts with policy-makers at different levels. You cannot build a city from a trench position alone. Transparency and open dialogue between different parties involved is imperative. 

BRAL as a knowledge and innovation pool 

To be a relevant interlocutor of the government and to support residents in their struggle, it is important to be aware of the latest plans and projects, but also of academic studies, concepts and projects of other urban actors. And this at the Brussels, Flemish, and Belgian as well as European level. BRAL exchanges knowledge together with Brussels, Belgian and international partners. BRAL also disseminates its knowledge to its members and wider network through various means of communication.

The challenges facing Brussels today are such that we need to work out new concepts, new ways of developing our city and therefore to innovate constantly. And Brussels is buzzing with innovation. BRAL wants to be open to this, encourage cross-pollinations and also create space internally to innovate own actions and projects.