The members of BRAL

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BRAL is an urban movement striving to make Brussels more sustainable. Together with our members and partners, we want to create a healthy and environmentally friendly city where people take care of each other. We are not a participation agency; we are not a classic association of neighbourhood committees. We do give politically unbound sparks to the Brussels City Region in three ways.  

The support we get from our members is the main thrust of BRAL. BRAL has two types of members: supporting members and general assembly members. Supporting members believe in our vision, are happy to come to a (member) activity without obligation to join in discussions or support an action, but do not necessarily feel the need to get involved in BRAL as an organisation. Becoming a supporting member is very easy! 

Members of the general assembly take a greater commitment to the organisation. They want to help set BRAL's course. BRAL's general assembly meets at least twice a year. Last but not least, there are the unpaid volunteers of BRAL's board of directors, they run the non-profit organisation. 

Board of directors 

The board of directors, composed of at least five and at most thirteen directors, manages BRAL. The general assembly appoints the board. The chairman of the general assembly is also chairman of the board of directors. Our directors perform their duties free of charge. 

This is the composition of our current board of directors (since January 2020): 

  • Tom Lootens (chairman) 

  • Gaëtan Van der Smissen (treasurer) 

  • Ginette Bauwens 

  • Sarah Hollander 

  • Patrick Deboosere 

  • Kriestien Van den Houte 

  • Jean-Pol Van Steenberghe 

General assembly 

BRAL is proud that these members are part of our general assembly (since 12/2022): 

  • Ploef! (Indira Osumba) 

  • Pro Velo (Jasmina Fiase) 

  • Vereniging Leopoldswijk en Europese wijk van Brussel vzw (Renée Coen) 

  • vzw 

  • Wijkcomité Neerpede blijft! (Johan Van Waeyenberge en Steven De Ridder) 

  • Ginette Bauwens 

  • Liévin Chemin 

  • Etienne Christiaens 

  • Mie Demin 

  • Pierre Demol 

  • Luk De Raeve 

  • Patrick Deboosere 

  • Hans Eelens 

  • Nicolas Goubau 

  • Christine Goyens-Le Maire 

  • Sarah Hollander 

  • Tom Lootens 

  • Albert Martens 

  • Christian Pollok 

  • Fabien Stiénon 

  • Thierry Timmermans 

  • Anton Van Assche 

  • Kriestien Van Den Houte 

  • Gaëtan Van der Smissen 

  • Hanne Van Reusel 

  • Georges Vanhamme 

  • Jean-Pol Van Steenberghe 

  • Sofie Vermeulen 

  • Gudrun Willems