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Commoning Europe in Brussels

Last year, the partners of Commoning Europe came to Brussels from January 25 through 27. The group decided, after the Belgians’ added value to the other visits, that a visit to Brussels was in its place.


Super Terram – for living soil in the city

What is the role of soil in the city? The question seems so logical, but it immediately leads you on an exploration in which you can get lost. And for BRAL, the pertinent question was added: what is the role of soil in urban planning and urbanism? This 'bottin' shows the multitude of ideas out there.

Citizens’ actions

Video Plan B Josaphat (ENG/NL/F)

Commoning Europe propells a rediscovery of the public good as the foundation of Europe. For this project, we made an English version of the video "Plan B Josaphat". Plan B wants to preserve nature and keep Josaphat in public hands.


De Bral-publicatie "Zero Waste in Brussel": geeft aanbevelingen over het afvalbeleid

Uit een reeks ronde tafels en brainstormings met terreinorganisaties distilleerdeBral de publicatie "Zero waste in Brussel...