#BralBib: Sharing cities

Did you know that BRAL has a useful #BralBib? We are happy to introduce the library to you by putting a book or a file from our archive in the spotlight. This time we're talking about "Sharing cities. Activating the Urban Commons", a practical guide to common solutions to urban problems.

Sharing cities

We start with "Sharing cities. Activating the Urban Commons", presented by Adrien Labaye of Shareable. Adrien is co-author of the book, and he also maps alternative economies for the collective TransforMap.

The book offers an alternative story for sharing in cities based on the urban commons. It contains more than 100 case studies and policy measures on shared use from more than 80 cities in 35 countries. City councils and activists can use this practical guide to devise community-based solutions to urban challenges. Adrien can explain it better. We'll let him speak in the video below (in French with Dutch subtitles).

You can not only download the book for free. You can also find it in our #BralBib.


In our #BralBib, we have books on the environment, mobility, housing, urban planning and much more. In addition, we also have an archive of urban files since 1973.

Did you know that you can use our library? Yes!

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