Call for ideas 'Josaphatsite' (open until 24/7)

What would you propose for our vibrant community at the Josaphat site (not the park)?

We, as enthusiasts citizens, already created a social community garden, a sustainable kitchen and are building a collective structure to host our activities and workshops. Together we are temporarily using a part of the Josaphat site.

Which great ideas can you offer us to add to these activities?

We would like to open up to more interventions that respect Josaphat as:
- a natural environment,
- a common and integrated place,
- a laboratory, a workshop space,
- a circular and transitory use, and
- a serene and cosy atmosphere.

These ideas can show the richness of our collective creativity. We hope to get inspired. We hope to explore what is possible on this place.

In Brussels, Sint-Lucas (Faculty of Architecture KUL) collaborates with BRAL to test the potential of the Incubators platform.
We hope this tool can support citizen participation in the creation of public spaces.