An vertrekt bij BRAL

After 14 years, An has ended her adventure at BRAL. She fought for an affordable and environmentally friendly Brussels on the front line. Because of her knowledge of urban projects such as Thurn & Taxis, together with her diplomatic approach, she was not to be trifled with.

An isn’t the one to yell (the loudest), but those who know her, know she gets things done.

What is her legacy for Brussels in those fourteen years at BRAL? An put our diverse city and many aspects of urban life at the centre. It is in part thanks to her efforts that we will have a tram stopping at Thurn & Taxis in the (relatively near) future, that there is a pedestrian zone in the centre of Brussels city, that participation has been put to the fore in urban planning, … She also helped gain acceptance for the common management of real estate through Community Land Trust Brussels. All the while, she remained critical when the government translated urban planning into urban action. Without a doubt, she will follow the ‘richtplannen van aanleg’ from a short distance. And we at BRAL, will continue her work.

Participation was also a guiding principle for her as coordinator of our team. An was beloved as coordinator because she gave people a chance to experiment, to develop in dossiers and to grow as a person. She wasn’t afraid to let go in order to let bloom. It is for this reason that BRAL supports citizens’ initiatives. Her successor is currently unknown. Piet Van Meerbeek is ad interim coordinator. Soon we will release the vacancy for her position.

Every city dweller in general and urban activist in particular knows that dossiers in politics can accelerate suddenly after years of chilling in the freezer. While we wait and see how An will live that experience from the city hall, we wish her a fascinating time as head of cabinet at the city of Brussels. Her new colleagues are fortunate to have her. We hope that she will push forward towards a better air quality, an ambitious circulation plan and affordable housing for everyone. But most of all: we hope that she will continue to listen to the voices of citizens.

The team of BRAL