The Wiertz Museum and Europe belong to us… as well!


At the feet of the Brussels European Parliament, on the other side of rue Vautier, the Wiertz Museum accommodates not only the work of Antoine Wiertz precursor of Belgian surrealism, but also houses the memory of Henry Conscience. The workshop, the house, the stairs, the porter’s house, the patio and the garden: all are intact witnesses of the cultural eclecticism at the time Europe’s nations were developing. Per request of the local residents, confronted with the overwhelming construction site of the Parliament, the whole has been classified on October 23, 1997.

After the European Administration privatized – against their prior promises – the classified swimming pool and theatre of the Résidence Palace nearby the Schuman;

  • when the laborious installation of the House of European History in the old Eastman Institute on the classified site of Parc Léopold made us witness the triumphant return of “façadisme’ in Brussels;
  • at a time we learn about a possible demolition/reconstruction of the parliament’s hemicycle – which is partly situated in the protected zone of the classified site of the Wiertz Museum;
  • at the moment a general reformation of the environmental planning of the region is weakening the protection of patrimony; and that a citizen movement stands up against it;
  • right when security issues are again weighing on the districts we still live in

the Associative Coordination devoting itself to the preservation of Parc Léopold has been informed that the Belgian Federal Public Service of Internal Affairs is preparing to cede the house of the artist and the garden to the European Parliament, at the price of a symbolical Euro. It also learned that one of the studied options plans on emptying the building ‘coté cour’ and raising a “provisional” large reception hall ‘coté jardin’. What pottering awaits us ahead of this?

However, the European Parliament has decided that the year 2018 would be dedicated to the Union’s cultural patrimony, since it’s an effective way to promote European citizenship. Is it reasonable then, to take on attitudes and projects that risk not only to affect the Brussels, Flemish, Belgian and European patrimony, but also to create a new discord with the citizens, starting with those who live closest to the Union’s institutions?

For this reason we ask the European Parliament and the Belgian Federal Government to accept to meet us. Together, we want to develop a project intending to create a better future for the Wiertz Museum, Parc Leopold and their direct surroundings, because the Wiertz Museum and Europe belong to us… as well!

A petition gathering over 4,000 signatures has been put online to make sure we are no longer ignored by the people forgetting that in our district, like in the whole of Europe, the citizens-residents-voters do not accept to be pushed out. We will hand it over to the European Parliament and the Belgian Government at the time of the meeting we’re looking forward to ‘mit brennender Sorge’ (with ardent concern).

Contact FR, IT, DE & EN : Marco Schmitt 0497 122 770 - NL & EN Toha De Brant 02 217 56 33