MOBI Seminar 2020 - The future mobility & logistics is like a foreign country: We will do things differently

For years, MOBI’s seminar is known for its unique way of approaching themes, its exchange of expertise, its fruitful networking and its interesting presentations and people.

This year we are taking the MOBI Seminar to a whole other level by turning it into a great virtual experience on the 24th of November. Our annual event’s new online format will enable participants to network, watch presentations, follow a workshop and exchange expertise safely from their own desks.

Our seminar is this year built around 5 virtual network sessions. Each of them consist of a one hour Q&A preceded by 3 short pitches of a few minutes as a teaser to open the discussion with our experts.
The 5 themes are:

  • Electric and Autonomous Vehicles
  • Sustainable Energy Communities 
  • Sustainable logistics
  • Urban Mobility 
  • The Batteries of the Future

You also will be able to follow 3 short video’s allowing you to have a virtual tour in our new infrastructure. In parallel with our MOBI seminar 2 focus sessions are planned: one on our LOOPER project and one on our MAMCA software. As every year we involve our students in our seminar. This year you will be able to watch their pitches of Hack MOBI on a dedicated platform. 

The participation is free of charge but registration is required. Once you have registered you will receive an invitation to the event platform (TEAMS) a few days before the event.